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Conference "Approximation, Expansions and Computer Science"

The laboratory "High-dimensional approximation and applications" will held a conference "Approximation, Expansions and Computer Science" based on the Sirius university from 18.09.2023 (arrival day) to 24.09.2023 (departure day). The conference is devoted to a survey and discussion of recent results in high dimensional approximation and related problems. Special attention will be paid to the following topics: approximation in smooth function spaces, hyperbolic cross approximation, orthogonal series, Banach spaces, learning theory, compressed sensing. The participation of leading scientists, as well as young researchers is expected. Conference participants will be able to present their current research and share ideas. Broader scope lectures accessible to interested graduate and undergraduate students are planned.

Application deadline: August, 20.

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The link to the conference webpage at the Sirius University site.

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V.N. Temlyakov

A.P. Solodov

→ V.E. Podolskii

B.S. Kashin

S.V. Konyagin

P.A. Borodin

O.S. Kudryavtseva

Contacts: approx.lab.msu@gmail.com